No need to wait to Black Friday – the best ever Galaxy S9 deal just got even cheaper


If there's such a thing as being in love with a mobile phone deal (and there definitely is, right?), then we've given our heart to this one. The winner of the 2018 Consumer Choice Mobile Award for 'Deal of the Year' is down to its lowest ever price, and we're completely smitten.

You must have seen us talking about it before – it's this Samsung Galaxy S9 deal on Vodafone provided by For a mere £23 per month you get 4GB of data and unlimited calls and texts. But now the upfront price – which has consistently hovered on and just above the £100-mark – is down to the lowest so far at £90.

That takes the total two year spend to almost £100 less than the £739 RRP for the handset itself. Genuinely astonishing value – we're not sure how can top this when Black Friday and Cyber Monday finally do come around next week.

Oh, and just one more thing before you buy. If you're a bit concerned about 4GB not being enough data, or have been told that only EE will do, then we have another treat in store. We're arranged an exclusive deal just for TechRadar readers – a £20 off voucher that you can use to get the best value EE Galaxy S9 deal on the market under £30 per month. More details below:

The best ever Galaxy S9 deal:

Our EXCLUSIVE Galaxy S9 deal for Black Friday:

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